Information Management

Information Management
Definition: to manage the Information.
The Information, Information, Information… Inform-Action?
No, no, better to say: we’re all In-Formation!

Information Management: to manage Information and Data.
Data, data, data… Better data, better decisions, better outcomes..
Let’s take it from the Latin: data means “something given”
or “a piece of information”
Or even clearer: “Data is a Solid fact about an event”

Event, numbers, figures, statistics, mapping, Immap…
Hi Map!

Everything useful, everything is beautiful,
Everything’s full ..of value!
Let’s not forget to give value.

Let’s give value to valuable sessions we had these days
Let’s give value to our connections we intertwined this week between us.
Let’s give value to the capacity building
and the knowledge we shared

Let’s give value to the mentors, the facilitators, the exchanges we had.
Actually, let’s give value to the panel who came to exchange with us.

We all love technologies, right?
Because through the technology we use,
we produce and we benefit of information.
So let’s give the right value to the technology and to the resources,
and never take for granted the value of our job,
and the outcomes through which we can potentially impact this world!

Let’s give value to our engagement.
Let’s give value towards the communities we are engaged.

And finally let’s give value to People.
Thousands of contacts on our spreadsheets.
Example: Let’s play with the words “contact-list”
and let’s give value to the Contact, before the List!

Standard tools, frameworks, outputs, outcomes…
Let’s invert that tool “user-friendly” tool
and let’s give value to the Friend beyond the User.
Because we all here, more than being IMOs and coordinators,
More than IMMAPers and work colleagues,
we are Tigist, we are Pedro, Omar, Fabrice;
we are Carlota, Guido, Nour and Patrice!

It’s all about information, right?
So let’s humanize the information!
Because beyond any analysis, a report, a p-code,
there is a context, a community, a household,
there is a person and a human being
with his own struggle and with his own story and need.

Then let’s give value to the needs,
before giving value to the solutions.
And if it’s all about information,
so please let’s give a huge value to all of this.

(Istanbul, Turkey, May 2023)