You say Yes, I say Hi D.!
You say IS, I say ID.
The Card I need.
to prove my ID.
Let it Be!
Even Heidi
the little lady
with her Yodel known,
Hidden Identities
High Deities
with Higher Dis-agree

on Quick identifying,
Quit all and flying
Quit, Indeed.
We can’t leave
without fleeing,
but with weapons
we fear, we wee.
No more way.
I wear my unfair tale
I swear
I’ll sweep.
I’m squeezed
By this hide-and-seek.
Won’t pick
again this thick

thing and I’ll keep
high my shield stick.
I won’t that shit
would let us kick
or make us sick.
That’s I see or blind me!
Stand by me!
By me no more outer feel,
one day it may be real:
no more ID deal
Bye Dear.

(Milano, gennaio 2019)

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